About Us

Our Story Equals Your Benefit

Gulfstream Shippers Association is an association that combines the buying power of its members to secure and maintain competitive rates from ocean carriers.  Our expertise is in the home furnishings, building materials,  and manufacturing industries.  Gulfstream's owners and representatives consist of former furniture, manufacturing, and building materials executives who understand the industry's needs and timelines.  These executives have represented leaders including Bernhardt, Broyhill, Lexington, and Georgia Pacific.  They poses over 90 years of cumulative experience in the logistics field.  Gulfstream Shippers Association is a privately owned and operated company.

Unlike NVO's who have agents to coordinate and deal with ocean carriers, Gulfstream Shippers Association signs contracts directly with the carriers.  This not only enables Gulfstream to bypass overseas agents or middle men, but it also eliminates any guesswork to create accurate quotes and enables us to provide lower delivery costs to our customers.  In addition, the direct shipper's contract ensures that the Association members freight is loaded with priority on their ships.  History proves that direct shipper's contracts take priority over the NVO freight.  Our contracts take the merchandise from the loading port to the customers door. 

Because Gulfstream Shippers Association is a direct shipper's association, our container availability is in large supply, which allows for reliable transportation of products to our customer base. 

Gulfstream Shippers Association is your importing specialist.  While your current volume does not justify signing a service contract for your imports, joining Gulfstream Shippers Association will give you the benefits of having your own contract.